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The excuses we give in life which ultimately mean we can’t be bothered…

‘If you’re not early, you’re late’

Is punctuality a challenge for you? Perhaps you constantly find yourself arriving five or ten minutes late - or maybe more - for meetings, lunch dates, dentist and hair appointments… Your reasons range from not being able to find your car keys or phone, the train was late or the traffic held you up; ‘I didn’t realise the time’, ‘I hit the snooze button too many times’, ‘I didn’t realise I hadn’t set the alarm’, ‘a friend popped round and we got chatting,’ blah blah blah. Reasons? Or just a string of excuses?

My excuses started when I met my husband. Up until this point, I was a stickler for punctuality – my parents were always on time, for everything, so I suppose you could say it was in my nature. Not so it would seem, because once I met my husband, I saw the more attractive laissez faire approach to time-keeping. He never rushed or hurried...

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Why to boldly go where you’ve never gone before, might be challenging but also hugely liberating and exciting!

Eight days a week

I was asked to speak at an event recently and it was a real mixed bag in terms of the age range of the audience; if anything, there were possibly more in the upper end of the age bracket. I was speaking on all things Winning Edge but focusing on living life consciously and in doing so, having a sense of purpose in life.

I’m ashamed to admit that I thought the older members of the audience might have been mildly dismissive when asked to think about the way they think – after all, they perhaps thought that by their age, they had it all sussed. However, the number of them who came up to me afterwards to say how thought-provoking my talk was, was reassuring – we all need reminding sometimes to make the most out of life.

The part of the talk which I think hit home the most was when I asked if they could give me a quick guestimate of how many days there are in the average lifetime (in the Western world, we are told this is approximately 80 years), so it...

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