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Transform the performance of your team by challenging the way they think

Expand the thoughts and beliefs about what's possible within your team, in a way that delivers real results for your company.

In times of economic uncertainty, you are faced with a wide spectrum of tough, complex and time-sensitive decisions. The mindset of you and your team is key, in order to come together and successfully navigate uncertain times and thrive no matter what.

Empowering individuals to rapidly transform their results both personally and professionally, through success-orientated thinking, The Winning Edge provides the tools and strategies to significantly improve your team's ability to attract opportunities for growth and strengthen critical thinking and decision-making skills, to meet the level of performance required in a competitive and fast-paced commercial environment.

Only when the self-image, self-worth and self-discipline of your team are congruent with the aims and vision of your company, will they engage and truly unlock their full potential. 

Your team's mindset drives business results


Transform your team results by homing in on the biggest catalyst for positive change - the way you and your team thinks.


Dee Ford, Group Managing Director for Radio, Bauer

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Success at the highest level, whether individual, corporate or anything in between, demands a change in mindset.

You simply cannot get from where you are today to where you want to be, without thinking in new, more success-orientated ways.

What our clients say...

"My team have an advantage now they've attended the Winning Edge, as they are truly expecting success. I am convinced that when you can visualise the end goal, you'll achieve it. In our minds, we've already realised our vision and are now simply waiting for the results to catch up with our thinking."

Scott Sharp, Former Director, Kingfisher

"My team are taking ownership of their own success, they see it now firmly as their responsibility rather than waiting or deferring to others. People are more confident and resourceful, they come to me with their solutions rather than their problems. They are more flexible in their communication style, they don’t blurt but respond in a way that will take the communication further."

Charlotte Cooper, MD, Cooper Lomaz Recruitment

"Time wasted on matters that are inconsequential and not related to goal attainment has dropped hugely. The ability to see events as neutral has reduced the stressful impact of some circumstances, and the habit of positive affirmation affects our outcomes."

Richard Vass, MD, Burland Technology Solutions

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Building solid foundations for your team

We work closely with you to tailor an unforgettable Winning Edge experience to meet your key objectives, budget and company culture.

The Winning Edge principles can be underpinned to multiple themes and objectives to include Sales, Customer Care, Performance Management, Leadership & Management Development, Collaboration, Diversity and Change Management... to name just a few!

The Winning Edge uncovers the Five Fundamental Pillars of Success and Excellence endorsing developments gaps, to invite your team to explore the concepts in real-time and identify any additional coaching requirements for when your team regroups again with the Facilitator.

By adopting the proven tools and strategies, your team will learn how to dramatically shift their approach towards their workload, to one that's intentional and forward-thinking, with the accountability and the mindset know-how, to make it happen with real value and impact.

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You and your team can develop a Winning Edge Mindset 


We pride ourselves on establishing long-lasting relationships with our clients.

“Unless you change how you are, you will always have what you've got.”


Jim Rohn

A Winning Edge Experience delivered your way

In-Person Experience

This highly interactive way to experience The Winning Edge will provide the opportunity for your team to come together, in person, to explore and adopt the ethos and methodologies through practical learning, group learning activities and self-reflection to maximise results.

Blended Learning Experience

An extremely effective and accessible way to experience The Winning Edge worldwide, through facilitator-led learning, together with rich, interactive online content, group facilitated learning and a private community, ensuring concepts are easily understood and executed.

Over 750 clients worldwide, from small businesses to FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies, have benefited immensely from the Winning Edge Experience...

...and so can you!

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How to book a Winning Edge Experience

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Transform your results

This powerful Winning Edge Experience will have your team ready and committed to uplevel their mental game, with the self-belief and self-worth to unleash their full potential with dedication and determination.

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You too can get results...

"Stopping and thinking about our aims and how we are behaving. ‘Stretch goals’ have a whole new meaning with the limiting beliefs removed. Neutral events recognition also saves time and emotional energy for tackling opportunities with a positive mindset."

Fiona Winchester, HR Manager, Frontline Ltd

"As a unit, we are probably more positive in our approach to challenges - we look at issues in a more constructive way i.e. how can we best get around ‘a lighthouse’ situation as opposed to entering into conflict or a stressful situation."

Tony Cole, Commerical Manager, Centrica

"The course focuses on the way we ‘think’ actively and proposes new positive ways of ‘thinking’ that promote better outcomes and increased responsibility for one’s self. It’s empowering and engaging and can have an instant effect on your personal and professional life."

Tasmin Hunt, formally Global Program Manager, Eli Lilly & Company

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