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How 1:1 coaching will help you

Laser-focused 1:1 sessions to help you define your goals, reframe limiting beliefs, gain clarity and develop the tools, motivation and confidence to achieve them.

Coaching helps you look at where you are and where you want to be.

Helping you to break everything down into actionable and realistic steps, specific to you, so you progressively move towards your goals.

Taking responsibility for your goals is key. Having the 1:1 time, support and accountability to distinguish between the things you can and cannot change, puts YOU back in the driving seat.

1:1 Coaching allows you to unpick what's really important to you and pinpoint any self-limiting beliefs holding you back, so you know the exact strategies to implement. Together, you will create a plan to execute and in doing so, experience a positive transformation in your life both personally and professionally.  


1:1 Coaching is invaluable for many reasons including:


    Complain less, worry less, blame less and stress less, so you can see your next steps more clearly and productively.  

    Take 100% responsibility for your results, because if you don't, who will?

    Adopt the mindset of expecting success (rather than trying to avoid failure).

    Use a proven framework to set and achieve personal and business goals.

    To become more determined and motivated to reach your goals.

    Pinpoint your purpose - your why.

    Develop a more positive, productive and creative attitude.

    Gain the clarity to spot beneficial opportunities and options.

    Develop the self-esteem and self-belief to make things happen.

    Become more influential and gain more co-operation from others.

    Reach your full potential and discover the formula to uplevel your life.

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The Winning Edge approach

In short, you learn how to run your brain more effectively in order to achieve what you want out of life – we call it Mindset Management – and this has a positive ‘domino effect’ on your emotions, behaviour, habits and results, whatever challenge you’re facing.

The Winning Edge is a radically different way of looking at personal performance, we find people make faster and more sustainable progress in coaching conversations if they have already completed the full Winning Edge course. This is because it provides a solid foundation from which to further develop both personally and professionally.

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“Unless you change how you are, you will always have what you've got.”


Jim Rohn

How it works

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Get results

Once your 1:1 coaching is secured, you will begin executing your plan to enable you to progressively move towards your goals.

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Coaching Packages available to you

Here are the Coaching options available to you through the Winning Edge.

Coaching Package One

Transitional Coaching

Your Investment: * £ *

Ideal for anyone who is:

  • Wanting to uplevel their thinking, whilst transitioning from one role to a more challenging one.
  • Building collaborative relationships.
  • Wanting help with designing a new life.
  • Wanting support with nailing their purpose and values, plus help with goal setting.
  • Returning to work and lacking confidence and self-belief. 
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Coaching Package Two

Coaching for Success

Your Investment: * ££ *

Ideal for Leaders & Managers who:

  • Want to maintain a growth mindset.
  • Are planning and implementing change in the workplace.
  • Are seeking emotional buy-in from others, to achieve organisational goals.
  • Want to remain accountable and remain mentally strong through challenging times.
  • Want to improve their efficiency within their role and exceed their targets.
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Coaching Package Three

C-Suite Executive Coaching

Your Investment: * £££ *

Ideal for Executives who: 

  • Want a trusted and straight-talking thinking partner.
  • Are seeking results-orientated accountability to boost performance. 
  • Want to maximise effectiveness and breakthrough self-limiting beliefs.
  • Want to improve decision-making and choices.  
  • Want support handling highly sensitive issues.
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Coaching designed to meet your exact needs

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1:1 Coaching

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