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What is Mindset DIAL-UP

Teams benefit from a solid foundation to create a positive impact in the workplace.

Mindset DIAL-UP is a one-day course, tailored for larger teams, offering a unique opportunity for self-reflection, to challenge current thinking patterns influencing behaviours and habits, that may be hindering progress and growth.

The Mindset DIAL-UP acronym powers this transformative process, delivering practical steps and attitudinal skills rooted in psychology and neuroscience. A catalyst for a new way of thinking - Mindset DIAL-UP provokes crucial 'lightbulb moments' and a shared language, equipping your team with transferable skills to thrive in their roles and improve the work environment.

By consciously adopting the principles taught during the course, your team will enhance their sense of personal responsibility, and improve communication and collaboration skills, which will lead to better overall performance and success, all within a solution-orientated, supportive team environment.

The course is recommended for Customer Service Representatives, Junior Sales Teams and Store Staff.

When individuals communicate well, they are more likely to work together harmoniously towards common goals.

Key Benefits of Mindset DIAL-UP

Solution-Orientated Thinking

Enhanced Emotional Intelligence

Greater Personal Responsibility

Improved Team Collaboration

Stronger Team Relationships

Resourcefulness and Resilience

Clarity Improving Performance

"I've learnt that I should not fear outcomes as much as I perhaps do, rather change the steps prior to, to influence them positively".

R.G. of Wickes


“I've done lots of personal development over the years. This is up there with some of the most memorable impactful lessons”.

M.B. of Wickes

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