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Introducing The Winning Edge - RELOADED

 If you've previously experienced The Winning Edge and you are ready to take your thinking to the next level, The Winning Edge - RELOADED is for you.

Whether you and your team are looking for a refresher or you're gearing up for a significant project, preparing your team for a major launch, or navigating a crucial restructure, this course will equip you and your team to thrive.

You'll receive a reminder of the core Winning Edge concepts, plus dive deep into new strategies that will enhance productivity, drive cohesive teamwork, and ensure everyone is aligned and ready to tackle challenges head-on.

It's about empowering you and your team to support each other, take ownership of your mindset, to achieve extraordinary results.

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“If you want to experience significant progress toward your goal, you need to be intentional about the work you’re doing every day.”


What to expect on the course...


During this one-day facilitator-led course, available in-person or virtually, you will revisit and expand on the groundbreaking concepts and principles from your initial course, whilst learning three NEW concepts to unlock new levels of performance and collaboration within your team.

This course is designed to:

¬†‚úĒ¬†¬†Refresh participants on key¬†Winning Edge concepts and principles to¬†provide¬†further¬†clarity and focus, to maximise results.

‚úĒ¬†¬†Provide additional support on application to real-time events, cementing the Foundations of Thinking framework and expecting success mindset.

‚úĒ Expand on how to¬†authentically respect and have compassion for people¬†you find challenging or hold differing opinions from, in the workplace.

‚úĒ¬† Discover the¬†'Me Plc' approach¬†- the multiplying factor in your pursuit of career and business success.

‚úĒ¬†¬†Strengthen¬†communication and collaboration, to ensure your team thrive and work through challenges inclusively.

‚úĒ¬†¬†Enhance¬†personal¬†responsibility to support decision-making and problem-solving during challenging times.


The Winning Edge - RELOADED is more than just a refresher - it’s an opportunity to continue personal development and growth whilst strengthening accountability, relationships, productivity and drive within your team, so they thrive in any challenging environment.

Here's how you can learn more...

The Winning Edge - RELOADED

For Teams

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Up to 12 participants

One-Day Facilitator-led In-Person or Virtual Course

Date & time to suit you and your team

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