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Helping students understand the important role their mindset plays in preparing for exams and their future.


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Mindset VITALS ® promotes good mental health

Schools and Universities see first-hand the effects stress and anxiety has on students and the impact poor self-esteem can have on students' well-being and academic progress. 

This is why the Mindset VITALS® was formed. Retaining the same key principles of The Winning Edge, the Mindset VITALS provide students with insight and an in-depth understanding of the power of their thinking, be that positive or negative thought, and how the nature of their thinking drives and influences their results in life.

The one-day workshop, developed and led by Kirsty Jackson Perrin, reveals a powerful step-by-step framework which equips students with the know-how to develop a strong sense of purpose and improved self-belief. This inspires students to set their intention, calm unwanted stress and anxiety, and skillfully transform their daily thoughts and habits to confidently work towards achieving their desired assessment and exam results.

Just as your vital signs are assessed by the NHS (blood pressure, temperature and pulse), so too should we all keep a check on our Mindset VITALS® to ensure good mental health.

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve."

- Napoleon Hill

What are the Mindset VITALS

When students regularly check in on their Mindset VITALS®, they become consciously aware of the nature of their thoughts and whether they are hindering or helping them. If thoughts are full of worry, frustration and negativity, that will be evidenced by their emotions and behaviour. This can have a detrimental effect whilst students prepare for their important assessments and exams, equally interviews for employment.

We explore the six Mindset VITALS® to help students flip that narrative that leads to momentous shifts... 

Visualisation: This is an important tool to mentally prepare for tests, exams, and any future event we may find particularly challenging – we can build a mental movie that the subconscious mind will embed. When the event takes place, feeling calm and in control will feel natural to us because we’ve already ‘been’ in this situation many times before.

Intentional: Here we talk about the importance of being intentional with your thoughts, words and deeds to ensure they work for you. If you want to make beneficial, long-term changes in any area of your life, you need to work on the nature of your thinking. What you think isn’t nearly as important as the way you think about what you think about.

Take Personal Responsibility: A unique exploration of the drivers, beneficiaries and consequences of choice in both the personal and educational contexts. It’s time to dump the excuses, own your stuff and power forward.

Assumptive Affirmations:  This is key to changing how you see yourself - changing the negative to the positive. Rather than “I’m no good at revising”. Instead, “I’m organised and committed to showing up for my revision”. Affirmations focus your mind on the kind of person you want to be and the kind of things you want to do and have. Plus, you’ll discover how your self-talk can either hinder you or propel you forward.

Let Go: If something is beyond our area of influence, we can learn to navigate intelligently around it. We can learn to either work on or accept the way the world works. We explore the relevance of ‘The Set-Up’ in education, society and the wider world. We also explore why dominant thoughts affect outcomes, accepting things can go wrong but expecting them to go right.

Self-Image: You can work on all of the above but if you don’t feel worthy of success or happiness, you will allow self-sabotage to kick in. By understanding how your self-image develops and how you can improve it, you’ll soon be going for the great things in life because you know you’re worth it!

"Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."


- George Bernard Shaw

Insight into how Mindset VITALS can help your educational setting...

"We have established a pastoral structure to support our students with the difficulties they face but as the prevalence of stress and anxiety in young people increases, we have recognised that more is required. Working with Mindset Coach and Speaker Kirsty Jackson Perrin, Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form continues to develop our curriculum to support young people in taking back control.

Kirsty has been instrumental in shaping the support our young people receive. This workshop enabled students to reflect on their thought processes and to take ownership of their behaviours. The results spoke for themselves with all students approaching the exams with a sense of purpose that was rewarded with grades. So changed was one young lady that having had no ambition to study beyond the sixth form she is now in her second year of her nursing degree. I have no doubt that it was the skills and confidence gained through the sessions that led to this monumental shift. 

As teachers, we are faced with supporting and nurturing these bright young minds through experiences that are novel to us all. Working with Kirsty is inspiring. She has transformed many of the approaches we have taken in school, particularly when dealing with anxious and vulnerable young people. Classroom language has changed and students are encouraged to own their thoughts and behaviours and to strive to be the very best that they can be.

I believe that all schools and their students will benefit from working alongside Kirsty and that the changes that can be wrought will be with our young people throughout their lives."

Rachel Jarrold

Vice Principal - Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form

Dr Kathryn Chard PhD

Lecturer in Social Work Programme Lead

"Mancroft International delivered a Mindset VITALS workshop to our first-year BA Social Work students at the University of Essex. This training formed part of our students’ skills development days. With a focus on success-orientated thinking and a growth mindset, this training came at a perfect time for our students embarking on their social work journey.

Professional training courses, like social work, can be challenging. Acquiring the skills to manage how you want to think about your situation really empowers students to take control over their own learning. The workshop also enabled our students to tap into the importance of healthy internal dialogue for healthy and effective colleague, service user and carer relationships. In addition, it dovetailed effectively with the theoretical underpinnings of our interpersonal communication skills module and aligned with the PCF framework.

Our students reported a positive impact on their overall outlook as a result of taking part in the training. A number reported that they felt more able to develop a positive mindset about their approach to learning and assessment. I would recommend this workshop to any educational or academic setting."

Are you worthy of happiness?


Introducing Kirsty Jackson Perrin, alongside her 13-year-old daughter, Mia, and her father, Richard Jackson, who share on the TEDx stage, what happiness is for them and how mindset, attitude and self-belief determine how happy you are in life.

Dreams and goals can be achieved only if you give yourself permission for that happiness.

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