Why your decision-making process isn’t as logical as you might think it is…

"Lies, damned lies, and statistics

As I write this blog, Election Day is looming. Flyers have been dropping through my door like billyoh, with each candidate professing they should be the chosen party for me because of x, y and z. It’s all just a load of ole puff in my opinion and I really don’t know which way to vote.

Having said this, I hold a strong value that I should vote – women fought hard for me to have that right and we are fortunate to live in a democracy where that is possible. And that’s just it isn’t it… All of our choices and decisions stem from our values so whether we decide to vote or not, will be down to the values we hold. The political party we choose to support will be because what they say they will do, will be most closely aligned to our values. We may well feel we’re caught between the devil and the deep blue sea but ultimately, if we are choosing to vote, we need to put that all important ‘x’...

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