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The power comes when you control your response over what’s happening.

What’s within us that’s beyond the reach of all circumstance…

I follow a business coach on Facebook and am in their ‘closed’ group. I enjoy the banter from the group and appreciate the support and accountability that everyone offers each other. Recently, someone posted a motivational text with their comment alongside it. I felt awful for this poor soul because along with a number of people ‘liking’ and ‘hearting’ the post, one person not only disagreed with the post but shot her down in flames.

The premise of the quote and post was very Winning Edge – that whatever happens to us in life, it’s up to us as to how we respond – that no one can make us feel guilty, sad, frustrated or disappointed – that no one can make us feel anything. There then ensued a whole raft of responses – in the main, agreeing with the original ‘poster’ but some who said that this quote negated the circumstances of...

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