Stuck in a moment you can’t get out of? Decide how you want to think about it and move forward.

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A line in Shakespeare’s Hamlet resonates highly with the concept of Neutral on the Winning Edge Programme: ‘There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.’

What do I mean by neutral? So, a football goes over the line. Is that good or bad? Well, it depends which team you play for or support. Which team you play for or support will then determine whether that result in your eyes is a good or a bad one. In itself, the ball going over the line is a neutral event – it is neither good nor bad; if no one has any interest in football, that ball going over the line has no meaning for them. However, if you support one of those teams, you attach a meaning to what happens to that ball and value the result – depending on where your loyalties lie, you are either pleased or maybe you’re ranting about the quality of playing and/or coaching!

Everything is neutral until we place a value on...

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Newsflash: Your values are driving your decisions right now, not COVID-19

Choosing to do what you want to do and knowing why

It’s very easy to have a victim mindset about the situation we find ourselves in. COVID-19 is a lighthouse – an immoveable object and something we can do nothing about. It has resulted in an imposed lockdown and therefore, we might feel we’re a victim of our circumstances, behest to the way it all plays out. Not so…

We always live by our values – the things and people which we deem most important to us and right now, as ever, we are living true to our values. The choices we are making will be according to what sits emotionally comfortable with us because it fits with our values.

It’s what you value

If you are choosing to stay at home, it’s because you value your health and that of your family. Maybe it is because you place value on the advice given by the government and by key medical experts. Perhaps some of you are sceptics but on balance, you’re happier to heed their warnings.


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