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In a good mood today? What? Haven't you heard? It’s Blue Monday.

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In case you haven’t heard…

You may very well have woken today feeling great, (or maybe that’s pushing it a bit in the current climate, so we’ll go with that you’re feeling OK). Perhaps you feel like today is going to be a good day. Maybe you have something exciting planned – a Zoom call with a loved one, a walk with a friend (that is still allowed in England I think!), you’re planning to launch an exciting project at work, or maybe you’ve a moviefest with popcorn and chocolate all set up and ready to go this afternoon.

Let me stop you right there. Have you not heard? It’s the third Monday in January!!! That means it’s Blue Monday. And a very specific algorithm tells us that due to the fact many are in between pay days of a very long month, the days are shorter and darker with weather most likely to be wetter and greyer, we’re post-Christmas...

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