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Why managing your own expectations keeps your sanity intact.

Are we nearly there yet?

Boris Johnson’s next announcement on the ‘roadmap’ for England, out of what can be described as this pandemic ‘siege’, is expected to be Monday 22 February; however, he has said he will be led by data, not dates. So, if the data isn’t available and the number crunching hasn’t been done, the announcement will be later in the week.

The Prime Minister, flanked by his team – the usual suspects being Sir Patrick Vallance – the government’s Chief Scientific Adviser and Chris Whitty who is Chief Medical Officer for England, will be at their podiums, armed with all the data, and the PowerPoint slides to illustrate them (I read recently there are mugs, placemats and more, bearing Chris Whitty’s now famous phrase: ‘Next slide please.’). We anxiously await news of how Lockdown will be eased and although Boris Johnson has apparently said he doesn’t want to release any details early, we...

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