Learning my happiness is my choice is a powerful position to be in

The control you gain through personal accountability

My life until my early 30’s followed a fairly smooth path. Yes, my parents separated when I was young and that took much adjustment but because they worked together to ensure my sister and I had as ‘normal’ an upbringing as possible, the acrimony was kept to a minimum. I grew up with step-parents in the mix so I felt blessed to have that extra love in my life.

Getting good results at school didn’t come easy so I worked hard and there were quite a few knocks to my confidence but with a supportive family, I would pick myself up and carry on. I passed my driving test first time, went to College and then to University. I met my now husband quite young and we moved to London to look for those streets paved with gold…

Work was hard to come by but we forged links and made contacts and we did it – we made our own luck. A year spent travelling was an education. We’d saved long and hard to make...

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