5 steps to help an overthinker get unstuck and move forward

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Paint it black

Over the past year, we’ve been updating our home. Apart from a new kitchen, everything else, in the main, are cosmetic changes There have been many decisions made – ones around the kitchen requiring the most thought but something as simple as choosing paint sent me into a bit of a spiral last week. Well, it didn’t send me into a spiral, clearly my thoughts did. I often reiterate that self-development is a work in progress, and I am aware that each and every day, I need to work on my own thoughts in order to think effectively. Just because I write about mindset, doesn’t mean I claim to have it all sussed. What it does mean however is that knowing this stuff, I am very consciously aware of the nature of my thoughts and I know the tools and strategies to get myself out of the headspace which isn’t serving me well at that particular point. If I want to enough.

So, as I drove...

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