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Why an attitude of gratitude will help you to be more open to opportunity and the good things in life

Don’t let gratitude be a platitude

It’s happened! I heard a Christmas song being played in my village shop today! (It’s not even December – surely, it’s still too early?!). 

Already, my children are producing ‘the list’. Depending on their age, it’s either being given directly to me or my husband, or it’s being put in an envelope addressed to Santa. I have to be quick off the mark and make sure I see the contents before it wings its way to the North Pole, otherwise, if I don’t see that list – there’ll be questions as to why Santa didn’t fulfil this year’s wishes and as a parent, you may well know how tricky that conversation is… 

I’m being asked by my parents and in-laws what I’d like for Christmas (why is everyone so much more prepared than me this Christmas?! It comes but once a year, it’s the same date each time and yet it always seems to catch me out…!)...

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