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How scaring the pants off yourself can be a good thing

I’m not a fairground ride kinda person (some jolly good self-talk there for you…!), so when one is in town, I dread my children finding out and wanting to go. I resist most times but every now and again, it’s good to take them for a bit of family fun. Sometimes though, the fun seems to be at my expense…

My family and I took ourselves along to a visiting funfair one Sunday afternoon. It offered the usual mix of rides to suit all ages so one of my children chose the sedentary ‘Teacups’, a more bolder older one liked the look of the reverse bungee jump and then the daredevil wanted to go on a ride entitled ‘The Orbiter’. I didn’t much fancy it as I’m not a big fan of rides that spin you around high up in the air, so my husband volunteered to chaperone.

I stood and watched as they spun around, waving and cheering and half-way through the ride, an announcement shouts ‘Are you ready?! Are you ready?!’ Whilst keeping...

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