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Why playing it safe isn't always your best bet

Weighing up the options
What is it about change that we as humans don’t like? For many, change is a negative thing and something to be feared but is that always the case? Can there be some benefit in change? For creatures of habit – probably not, but for those who believe the only constant in life is change, they embrace it and roll with the punches.
Comfortably uncomfortable
Recently, my family and I met up with four other families to spend a glorious Bank Holiday Monday together on the coast. Beach shelters, picnic blankets and provisions in hand, we all plonked ourselves on a lovely sandy area near to the waters edge, much to the horror of those around us who had probably hoped for a nice quiet day. There’s nothing quiet about 11 kids, 10 adults and three dogs…

The braver souls threw themselves in to the sea for fun and larks and it was a sight to behold – the type of thing that’s good for the soul. These are families who don’t...

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