Are you happy being you? How being secure in yourself means authenticity reigns

Happy to be stuck with you

This may sound strange but until his latter years, Elvis Presley was very good at being Elvis Presley; Alan Sugar is very good at being Sir Alan Sugar and Dolly Parton is extremely good at being Dolly Parton. Unfortunately, not enough people are good at being themselves. Too many people put on false fronts because they worry about what others think of them. They will change who they are depending on whom they are with – there is almost an alter ego they assume in order to fit in; they’re not authentic and are therefore incongruent with who they truly are.  

Social media is a great example of this. People will post their highlights – their glossy filtered photos, their professional highs, the amazing testimonials for their business, descriptions of their amazing Lockdown goals, their awesome relationship. Scratch the surface though and you find it took 20 photos to get the kids to look happy, then six tries to...

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