2020’s most viewed – The Mindset Blog Greatest Hits!

This time of year is very often one of reflection. In amidst the hurrying and scurrying, I have been thinking about the Mindset Blogs I have written and decided to take a look at the stats – which Mindset Blogs have been the most viewed and it’s no surprise really that the ones written during Lockdown Part 1, were the most looked at.

We had no reference point for how to feel at the very beginning of all this. When something happens, or we’re told something, we become aware of it and process it and then decide how we want to feel about it – we attach an emotion to the situation. This is all going on in our subconscious and how we choose to feel will depend on our past experiences, our values, morals and beliefs. For example, one of my daughters was telling me about something she’d read on Instagram (I lose count of how many conversations in my house start with: ‘The other day, I saw on TickTok/Instagram…’!). She said that she’d...

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