Elevate your results by changing the way your team thinks

Build solid foundations. Reset your mindset. Make your mark. Boost emotional resilience. Maximise impact.



We provide the strategies to help your team become highly resourceful, accountable and emotionally resilient with a 'can-do' attitude.

The mindset of your employees is the dominant driver in the success of your organisation.

In times of economic uncertainty, you are faced with a wide spectrum of tough, complex and time-sensitive decisions, in order to take reasonable steps to massively reduce the impact the economy is having on your organisation today. 

Redundancies, restructuring and cost reduction have been key to delivering rapid and significant savings; but what effect has this had on your team?

We can recognise why you are experiencing a noticeable and in some cases, rapid decline in productivity, performance and overall motivation.

Knowing how to effectively re-engage your team to deliver real value together, is where we can help you.


Success doesn’t happen by chance. It happens by change.

Success at the highest level, whether individual, corporate or anything in between, demands a change in mindset.

You simply cannot get from where you are today to where you want to be, without thinking in new, more success-orientated ways.

Over 750 clients worldwide, from small businesses to FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies, have benefited immensely from the Winning Edge experience...

...and so can you!


We will work closely with you to configure a game-changing Winning Edge experience to meet your key objectives, budget and company culture.

The options available to you are endless. However, the most popular course of all is the 2+1 day Winning Edge course which covers the five CORE fundamental elements of success. The 4-6 week development gap stimulates application and enhances the overall experience by providing the participants with the opportunity to explore the concepts in real-time, gain feedback and seek additional coaching on key concepts if needed.

The Winning Edge principles can be underpinned to multiple themes and objectives such as Sales, Customer Care, Employee Engagement, Performance Management, Leadership & Management Development, Collaboration, Diversity, Personal Effectiveness and Change Management... to name just a few! 

We can deliver 'lite' versions of the Winning Edge Course. In addition, your team can experience our new Blended Learning approach.

Your Winning Edge experience can be bespoke to meet your exact needs, budget and company culture.

We care about your results and success, like it's our own.  


"An excellent course that has you understand how you and your team members behave. How you can influence your own and their behaviour. "

Bob Norman
Sales/Station Director Gem 106 and Station Director Hallam

"Thinking about the way you think is the key. This is the only course I have attended in my 26-year retail career that teaches the importance of thinking about how you think – that’s the unlock."

Tibor Szabo
formally Head of Customer Contact, B&Q

"Winning Edge just makes me look at things from different angles, think about why people may have done/not done something; understand human nature more; my way is not the only way."

Andy Batchelor

"Winning Edge helps to develop a common language, creating focus and clarity about what we want to achieve as a team and also cohesion."

Lucy Dimes
Former CEO, UK & Ireland Alcatel Lucent


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Reap the rewards

You will experience an extremely powerful, thought-provoking and refreshing Winning Edge experience for your team, who will be ready and committed to uplevel their mental game with the self-belief and self-worth to unleash their full potential with dedication and determination. Training will be delivered virtually.


“Unless you change how you are, you will always have what you've got.”


Jim Rohn


As your success is extremely important to us, your team will receive 24/7 access to our Winning Edge Academy HUB - packed full of videos, podcasts and step-by-step templates designed to help your team implement the learning and apply the formula at their own pace, whether at home, at work or on the move. This becomes an invaluable tool to accompany the presenter-led learning, particularly during real-time events, so your team can sustain a resourceful mindset during challenging or testing times.

Furthermore, your team will gain access to our online Winning Edge Community where they'll receive additional support, have the opportunity to share their progress, ask questions and enjoy daily tips to enhance and embed the learning experience.



Building and sustaining trusted partnerships

Q: How has the thinking habits for both you and your team changed as a result of the Winning Edge?

Stopping and thinking about our aims and how we are behaving. ‘Stretch goals’ have a whole new meaning with the limiting beliefs removed. Neutral events recognition saves time and emotional energy for tackling opportunities with a positive mindset. We cut through excuses and take responsibility. We expand our thoughts and beliefs about what's possible in a way that's delivered real results in our business.

Fiona Winchester, HR Manager, Frontline Ltd

Q: What sets you and your team apart after attending the Winning Edge?

I believe my Team have an advantage now having attended the Winning Edge, as they are truly expecting success. I am convinced that when you can visualise the end goal, that you'll achieve it. In our minds, we've already realised our vision and are now simply waiting for the results to catch up with our thinking.

Scott Sharp, Director, Kingfisher, previously B&Q

Q: How has the thinking habits for both you and your team changed as a result of the Winning Edge?

Time wasted on matters that are inconsequential and not related to goal attainment has dropped hugely. The ability to see events as neutral has reduced the stressful impact of some circumstances and the habit of positive affirmation affects our outcomes.

Richard Vass, MD, Burland Technology Solutions

Q: In what way has the Winning Edge had an impact or a quantifiable ROI for your organisation?

We have a common language - we can get to heart of the matter with safe, respectful language. 

Visda Scott, formally Google Technologies Advocate, United Biscuits

Q: What sets you and your team apart after attending the Winning Edge?

I believe as a unit we are probably more positive in our approach to challenges - we look at issues in a more constructive way i.e. how can we best get around ‘a lighthouse’ situation as opposed to entering into conflict or a stressful situation.

Tony Cole, Commerical Manager, Centrica

Q: Is the Winning Edge different from previous training programmes you've attended? If so, in what way?

It focuses on the way we ‘think’ actively and proposes new positive ways of ‘thinking’ that promote better outcomes and increased responsibility for one’s self. It’s empowering and engaging and can have an instant effect on your personal and professional life.

Tasmin Hunt, formally Global Program Manager, Eli Lilly & Company

Q: How has the thinking habits for both you and your team changed as a result of the Winning Edge?

My team are taking ownership for their own success, they see it now firmly as their responsibility rather than waiting or deferring to others. People are more confident and resourceful, they come to me with their solutions rather than their problems. They are more flexible in their communication style, they don’t blurt, but respond in a way that will take the communication further.

Charlotte Cooper, MD, Cooper Lomaz Recruitment

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You want your team to be motivated, resilient and to adopt a success-oriented approach to your vision, mission and the stretching targets that come with this. We can help. 

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Let's unlock the full potential of your team.


Delivering the strategies to help you and your team be mentally strong in life, career and in business.


The Winning Edge principles can be underpinned to multiple themes and objectives such as Sales, Customer Care, Employee Engagement, Peak Performance, Leadership & Management... just to name a few! 

Ideal for: Teams

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Delivering concepts that’ll pack a punch, leaving the audience knowing the quality of their thinking leads to the quality of their outcomes. Delivered virtually, using your preferred platform.

Ideal for: Teams and Partnerships

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1:1 Sessions to look at where you are and where you want to go, so you can break everything down into actionable and realistic steps, specific to you, so you progressively move towards your goals.

Ideal for: Life, Career and Business.

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For an accessible way to experience the Winning Edge worldwide 24/7, take your learning online and apply the framework at your own pace. It will meet you where you're at every time!

Ideal for: Life, Career and Business

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Delivering monthly Teachings + Coaching + Accountability to equip you with what you need to reset and regain control of your thinking, to become the person you want to be and live the life you want to live.

Ideal for: Life and Career

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Experience this highly interactive Winning Edge 2+1 day event. Learn, grow and challenge yourself with a proven framework that'll blow your mind, reset your brain and change your life.

Ideal for: Life, Career and Business

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