Breakthrough the negative habits standing in the way of what you truly want.

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A 10-week life-changing interactive online course specifically designed to kick the habit that's been holding you back.

Many people struggle to kick negative habits. We get it.

That's why we've created a game-changing blueprint and built a rock-solid Community to help you apply the S.U.P.E.R. MINDSET learning, maintain accountability and receive the invaluable support during each step of the learning process, so you can successfully breakthrough the negative habits and barriers currently standing in the way of what you truly desire. 

Whether you want to become healthier, manage stress and anxiety, sleep better, save more, spend less, prepare for an exam, gain the confidence to speak in public, put yourself forward for that promotion or even ask for more of what you want... we've got your back and the S.U.P.E.R. MINDSET toolkit to enable you to make it happen.

The recommended age for this course is 14 years and over.

Each week we will explore and deliver a new concept with you using live and recorded training, a Q&A session, plus step-by-step  templates to support you with application and implementation. Everything will be held in the Online Learning Hub and a PRIVATE Facebook group.

You will have access to everything 24/7 whether you're at home, at work or on the move. You'll just need WiFi access!

If enough is enough and you're fed up with not feeling in control or feeling left behind, you will be amazed by how much this course will positively impact your life.

Warning:  Success attracts success and by the end of this course you will be buzzing with the excitement and the realisation of what you are truly capable of!

Who knows where this course will take you - let's find out!

Join the waiting list and be the first to know when this course is available. It's only available to access twice a year because when you're in, we're want to give you our full attention.

Upon joining, you will gain access to the content for 12 months, meaning you can experience the course not once, but twice! Why stop at one habit, when you have the opportunity to kick another?!

You'll have lifetime access to the PRIVATE Facebook Community - as we see this as an essential supportive and invaluable long-term tool, to remain accountable and receive the empowering encouragement and guidance going forward. We've got your back!



Join the waiting list and be the FIRST to know when we are re-opening the doors to this incredible life-changing course.

Join the waiting list

Join the waiting list, start receiving weekly strategies, tools and support from our coaches so your dreams of a thriving, low stress, super incredible life will start becoming a reality for you. The results you can gain from this experience are endless, it's just a matter of time! Click on the link below to join.

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We're passionate about you getting results and it starts straight away. Once you've joined the waiting list, you'll receive a FREE starter kit to enable you to clear the fog from your mind and connect with what it is you really want with focus and purpose. Sound good? Join the waiting list using the link below.

Be the FIRST to know when the doors open!

By joining the waiting list, you'll be notified the minute the doors are open, inviting you to officially secure your place with payment and become a member of the S.U.P.E.R. Mindset course! You'll gain instant access to the Online Learning Hub and the awesome Community too!

We're going to be kicking off the S.U.P.E.R. Mindset course very soon. Click on the button below to register...

"I have found the S.U.P.E.R Mindset programme inspiring and motivating. After an extended maternity leave, I had been habitually putting off relaunching my business. S.U.P.E.R Mindset helped me get out of my own way – to reflect on my core values, which gave me clarity and focus - to know what I really wanted out of life. My self-belief and sense of self-worth has improved hugely and I would thoroughly recommend the S.U.P.E.R Mindset course to anyone who wants to break a habit and be their best self."

Jodi Welch
Jodi Welch Nutritian

"This course gave me the kick up the backside to improve myself at work and in my personal life. Since the course I have quit smoking, quit all forms of social media, as it was having a negative drain on me mentally. At work, I feel more focused and energised. I don’t take things personally anymore and take time to think things through, whether that be a customer complaint, not getting the sale, working hours etc. It’s incredible how easy it can be to quickly reflect on your values and brush what are honestly minor concerns out of focus. "

Yousef Khezam

"Procrastination, fear of failure or success, how to implement my ideas and channel my energy into a positive business outcome was a continual worry. It felt like I couldn’t break this endless spiral of self-sabotage. S.U.P.E.R. Mindset helped me focus and breakthrough my own barriers to create an exciting new experience and a successful business as well!"

Dianne Kemp
Dianne Kemp Interiors

"Having struggled with feelings of depression and anxiety for a very, very long time, the framework gave me a new perspective and helped me challenge my approach to life. My job is customer-facing and feelings of dread as my work day begins were common. As a result of implementing what I learned on the course, I sleep better, I welcome stepping out of my comfort zone and lead any difficult conversations, as no longer difficult. I think and feel much more positively now."



...and start reaping the rewards?

If you have any questions or concerns about the course, please contact us on 0844 884 2940 or by emailing us at [email protected]


Frequently Asked Questions

The list is endless! Let’s start with just some of the results participants have gained so far using our formula… improved sleep, managing stress and anxiety, eating healthily and losing weight, boost confidence, quit smoking, better study habits, improve relationships with others, quit social media, boost focus and energy, no longer taking things personally by managing their response, make time for self-care, gratitude and improved self-talk.

The awesome thing is success, breeds success, so once you see the positive shifts for yourself – you will want to enjoy the benefits of this formula again and again.

Both. You will receive the strategies and tools to help you achieve both.

Anyone over 14 years old. Whether you’re male, female, employed, self-employed, retired or on a career break, UK based or not – this course is about YOU wanting results and the course will meet you where you’re at.

Absolutely not. The course is open to everyone (over 14 years of age).

Upon officially joining, you’ll gain access to the password protected Online Learning Hub. All training videos will be uploaded weekly and you’ll find the step-by-step templates and resources to help you apply the learning, remain accountable and get results.

Each Monday, a new concept will be shared using Zoom video conferencing, which will be uploaded onto the Hub. So, regardless of whether or not you were able to watch it Live, you’ll always have access to watch the training videos at a time to suit you.

Kirsty and Lindsey will be active in the PRIVATE Facebook group to answer questions, offer support, encouragement and to inspire you to share your experiences and wins with us and your fellow members. Each week there’ll be a progress challenge to keep you on-track.

Every Thursday, you’ll be able to join the Q&A session – giving you the opportunity to ask questions on any aspect of the course. These will also be uploaded in the Online Learning Hub and we’ll let you know the exact time-slot your question was answered. No stone will be left unturned. Every question will be answered each week to ensure you receive the support you truly deserve.

The course is 10-weeks. Each week we will deliver a new concept and the resources to help you apply the learning.

The course is delivered just twice a year, however, you’ll receive 12 months access, meaning you will have the opportunity to complete the course again if you wish! Just imagine the results you’ll gain! Not only that, but you’ll be inspired by the movement of others too.

Note: The PRIVATE Facebook community will always be open to ask questions and share experiences with your fellow members. Kirsty and Lindsey will be highly active in the group during each 10-week course, this will lessen when the course itself closes.

Research reveals on average, it takes 66 days to kick a habit. So, this course is the perfect length to give you the tools and learning to enable you to kick that habit into touch and gain the control in life you desire.

We will close the doors at just 25 people. The reason: to ensure you get results! This particular course is new and we want to listen closely to your every question, need and/or concern.

We will then be able to identify the golden-nuggets to improve this course each time the doors open, so it keeps getting better and better!

As we’re sure you’ll agree, it’s important you’re heard and listened to, so you can get the RESULTS you want using the content you’ll receive and the laser-focused attention we’ll provide!

During the beta launch (Early 2020), this course will be just £187! So act fast because the price will increase later in the year!

Yes. If you’re not completely satisfied with the course during the first two weeks (14 days), you will receive a no-quibble 100% refund. Just email Kirsty or Lindsey in the Online Learning Hub, to make this happen.


    10 weekly Live and recorded training lessons, delivering the strategies and tools to kick that habit holding you back. 

    10 Live Q&A coaching sessions to answer all your questions and remove any stumbling blocks. 

    Step-by-step workbook and templates to support you with application and implementation.

    A PRIVATE Facebook Community to gain additional support, feedback and accountability.

    24/7 access to the Online Learning Hub, whether you're at home, at work or on the move.

    12 months access included to the Online Learning Hub meaning you can join the course twice.

    Lifetime access to the S.U.P.E.R Mindset Community for ongoing support and celebrations!

    Incentives for simply completing your weekly challenges and sharing your progress in the group.

    plus so much more...! 


All for just £187!


Adopt a S.U.P.E.R. Mindset and be the hero in your story!


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