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Delivering the strategies to help you become highly effective and resilient.

Highly successful and profitable results do not arise from working yourself into the ground, wasting time on non-essentials nor having unrealistic expectations of yourself or others.

The human brain believes exactly what you tell it and looks for the data to prove you right. If you are currently fueling your mind with resistance, barriers and self-doubt, even unintentionally so, this will be reflected in your results. 


"I strongly recommend this course to lift you out of your rut and help you get your spark and drive back to success"

J Tedstone, Baxi




Ever find your vision and goals seem to drift? Our game-changing Winning Edge framework has been carefully crafted to enable you to quickly pinpoint, navigate around or overcome the underlining issue standing in the way of where you currently are and where you want to be. It channels you to explore and discover your purpose and why.  

As Jim Rohn once said: "The stronger the why, the easier the how becomes". 

When you apply the proven strategies, you will dramatically shift your current plan of action, to one that's intentional and robust, with the accountability and know-how to make it happen with great value and impact. This clarity lifts a great weight from your shoulders, reducing stress and anxiety, helping you clearly see what action is to be taken when and how, with a success-orientated, laser-focused and resourceful approach.

With the highly recommended third day (optional), you will get to delve deep into the common thread that runs through all human behaviour, which when positively applied, promotes authentic and deeper connections with others. Whether you are looking to gain stronger relationships, seek better ways of working with others or manage a difficult relationship, this framework will deliver the strategies on which you'll benefit immensely, both personally and professionally. 

In addition, you will learn the invaluable steps to crafting an unshakable self-image; by reframing your thinking you will be able to welcome success in abundance because you're the kind of person who's deserves it. So many people reject and push away incredible opportunities, due to the template they've created or inherited from influential people over the years. Learning the techniques to instill a deeper self-belief and self-worth, has numerous long-term advantages in terms of happiness, fulfillment and also in financial terms. 

"One of the best investments you can make to deliver greater returns to you, your loved ones and your business."

A Sluiter, Ciena  

Over 175,000 individuals worldwide, have made a significant impact to their lives, careers and businesses using the Winning Edge framework.

Join us and discover the incredible impact for yourself.

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"Eye-opening programme. Really helped shift my mindset to focus on what I need to do to make my business and life a success on my terms."

Enda Casey
Director, Mainguard Associates Ltd

"Brilliantly thought-provoking, the only course you need to take control of your life."

Barry Chadwick
Deputy Director, HMRC

"The ideas on this course are life-changing. They're delivered in a very clever way that just make sense!"

Jake Thomson
Executive Producer/Presenter at Kiss FM UK Network


...to achieving your success.

BUILD ROCK SOLID FOUNDATIONS: You will gain an understanding of the powerful catalyst for long-term change, which will challenge you to develop a new profound approach to thinking, eliminating any unhelpful or self-defeating thinking habits currently holding you back. Learning the key components of how the human brain works will be explored, in a simple yet extremely powerful way, so you can reset your mindset with clarity, focus and the confidence to expect success and deliver your vision.

DRIVE PROFITABLE AND SUSTAINABLE HABITS: You will learn the groundbreaking formula that demonstrates the fundamental link between psychology and success. This will support you in building the emotional resilience and developing an unshakeable self-image to become laser-focused on achieving results, especially in fast-paced environments where it can become challenging to manage priorities, stress and change.

MAINTAIN MOMENTUM:  Your success is extremely important to us, which is exactly why you will receive 24/7 access to our Winning Edge LIVE Online HUB - packed full of videos, resources and step-by-step templates designed to help you implement the learning and apply the formula at your own pace, particularly during real-time events when you need it most. Furthermore, you will gain access to our online Winning Edge Community to receive additional support, share progress, ask questions and enjoy more awesome resources to enhance your learning experience.

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"If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got."


Henry Ford


Do you want greater accountability, focus and clarity to improve productivity and results in your life, career and, or business?

Would increased emotional resilience bolster you for challenge and change? How many relationships or connections could be improved to boost collaboration and morale? Are stress and anxiety taking over and preventing you from moving forward?

These inhibitors cost you time and money, both personally and professionally.

How much do you want your current situation to change? 

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Over 175,000 Winning Edge Graduates have experienced significant shifts in their lives both personally and professionally...

...and so can you!

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...and learn what's included in your investment.

The Lite Option

£550 pp

Plus VAT @ 20%

What's Included:

A Two-Day Winning Edge 'Lite' Experience covering three of the CORE Winning Edge transformational training lessons.

All materials, resources and step-by-step templates.*

Coaching in small groups during the event.

Access to Winning Edge Community for continual growth, online support and feedback.

One Year Access to Winning Edge LIVE online HUB*providing online access to additional resources to accelerate application to achieving ambitious goals faster.

*Lite version only.



29th & 30th September 2020 in Norwich, UK

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The Platinum Option

£825 pp

Plus VAT @ 20%

What's Included:

Everything included in the 'Lite' Option. 

PLUS: One-Day Winning Edge ADVANCED Lesson delivered after a 4-6 week development gap, to delve deep into the remaining two CORE Winning Edge training lessons.  

PLUS: Lifetime Access to Winning Edge LIVE online HUB, providing online access to additional resources to accelerate application to achieving ambitious goals faster.



29th & 30th September; and 

18th November 2020 in Norwich, UK

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* Registration does not include accommodation

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A proven framework to help you become mentally strong in life, your career and in business.


Public Event in the UK

Experience this highly interactive Winning Edge 2+1 day event. Learn, grow and challenge yourself with a proven framework that'll blow your mind, reset your brain and change your life.

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via Zoom or Skype

1:1 Sessions to look at where you are and where you want to go, so you can break everything down into actionable and realistic steps, specific to you, so you progressively move towards your goals.

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Accessible anywhere, anytime

For an accessible way to experience the Winning Edge worldwide 24/7, take your learning online and apply the framework at your own pace. It will meet you where you're at every time!

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